Meet the Team

Madison Petermann,


Hello! I’m Madison

Life, in the simplest of terms, is complex. Sometimes we feel lost, lonely, overwhelmed,
and “thrown into chaos”. I believe everyone deserves the right to have a safe and non-
judgmental space. A space where they can not only conquer these feelings; but explore,
express, and be curious about themselves. I became a therapist because I know how
scary it can be to face mental health challenges and I long to provide people with the
intentional and designated time, support, and empathy so that I can sit with them in
these times and guide them toward their goals.

I received my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Duquesne University
and a BA in psychology from the University of Tennessee. I view my Client through a
holistic lens, which means I embrace their beliefs, identities, values, and ideals that
make them–them. My therapeutic approach mainly consists of humanistic, strength-
based, EMDR and psychodynamic theories. However, I find it extremely important to
collaborate with my clients to learn and implement what is beneficial and meaningful to

I am trained in EMDR therapy and primarily specializes in PTSD, sexual assault/abuse,
childhood trauma, and religious trauma. I specialize in working with ADHD, Autism, and
Anxiety Disorders. Additionally, I have experience working with immigration, culture
shock, life transitions, chronic illnesses, disabilities, sexual/gender identity, and couples

I am currently seeing clients via telehealth.