Meet the Team

Hello! I’m Melissa

Are you feeling overwhelmed in how to manage your emotions or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed in your relationships (marital, parent-child, parent-teenager, family, or friends)? Do you find yourself becoming irritable at small things or simply being someone you do not want to be anymore? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, I am glad you have found my page. We all have difficult times throughout our life and it is okay to need and ask for help. Difficult times or difficult symptoms vary from person to person. I am here to help guide you and find ways to alleviate your concerns.

I am confident through collaboration we can make a plan tailored specifically for you and your needs. Whether it be your mind constantly racing, a phobia, overcoming trauma, or needing new strategies in parenting. Through Triple P or PCIT, parents will learn new strategies to strengthen their relationship with their child and positive discipline strategies.

I am a collaborator and transparent with the therapy process and provide space for questions. We’ll engage in activities to quickly help you or your child feel comfortable in therapy. You are the expert of your experience and truth; I will be honored in guiding you towards your healing journey.

Melissa offers virtual appointments to clients across North Carolina.  She is currently adding new patients to a short wait list!