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Rachelle Heller

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Hello! I’m Rachelle

 I am currently accepting a few more new patients and appreciate you pausing to read more about me.

 I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist with years of experience in treating children, adolescents, and adults with complex trauma, personality disorders, substance use, relationship issues, anxiety and depression.  In addition to these areas, a particular interest of mine is working with mothers in all walks of life.   If you’re struggling with raising young children, being a single parent, adoption or having fertility issues, we may be a good match.

 For some of you, starting therapy may feel uncomfortable and you’ve made so many excuses to put it off. I’ll give you professional help in the comfort of your own home; relaxed & judgment free conversations; insight and perspective; tools to manage your stressors independently; and support and encouragement.

Rachelle is currently adding clients to her waitlist.