Your Palm Tree

For most of us who live in North Carolina, we appreciate our crepe myrtles and oak trees. But what do you think of when you see a palm tree? Vacation? Warm Weather? Relaxation? No stress? Good times? Paradise? A good place to be?

It’s said that palm trees symbolize so many positive things! Resilience, flexibility, victory, prosperity, comfort, hospitality, peace, and rest. All good things that also contribute to mental wellness.

So what’s your palm tree? What does your good place look like?
Maybe it’s a day without anxiety?
Maybe it’s a day you feel excited about as soon as you wake up?
Maybe it’s a day you’ll spend time with family or friends?
Maybe it’s a day past traumas don’t overpower you?
Maybe it’s a day you don’t use alcohol or drugs?
Maybe it’s a day you don’t cry or get angry?
Maybe it’s a day when you can think about a lost loved one and smile?
Maybe it’s day when you’re ok with not being ok?
Maybe it’s a day you walk out of your door feeling confident?
Maybe it’s a day when you can pay it forward and help others?

You get the idea. Can you see your good place?

Can you see YOUR palm tree?